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26-Oct-2017 09:22

Full story The occupying Sinhala military of genocidal Sri Lanka is refusing to release the lands of 47 families in Koa'ra'laip-pattu North (Vaakarai) division, Tamil civil sources at the divisional secretariat said.

The SL military forced the uprooted Tamils to put their signatures in blank papers and seized the lands for the military base of 233 Brigade of the SL Army in 2008.

Full story Around 3,000 Tamil people from Thirukkoayil division of Ampaa'rai district on Wednesday took to the streets and marched against the move by the occupying unitary State in Colombo to exploit the mineral resources of 20 km long coast of Thirukkoayil.

Full story The 232 Brigade of the occupying Sinhala Army having its main base at Kudumpi-malai (which is also known as Thoppik-kal and Barons Cap) area in the interior of the northwestern hinterland of Batticaloa, is Sinhalicising the area by bringing in Sinhala fishermen to engage in fresh-water fishing at Meeraa'nda-ku'lam and by promoting tourists from South to engage in leisure activities in the area, Kudumpi-malai villagers complain.When asked about those residing in the camping site, Sinhala soldiers use to refer to the visitors as their relatives or as tourists from South.